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Lenore - The Cute Little Dead Girl

Lenore - The Cute Little Dead Girl



Chapter 1: The new toy.



Lenore, "The Cute Little Dead Girl" is a fictional character created by Roman Dirge, inspired by the poem "Lenore", by Edgar Allan Poe. Lenore has appeared in several comic books by Dirge, and was featured in a set of 26 short flash movies.

The comic tells of the adventures of the title character, Lenore, a 10 year-old undead girl who lives in a mansion with her friend Ragamuffin. She died from pneumonia the first time, was embalmed and buried and came back for some reason.

The primary focus of the graphic novel is dark humor, with many of the stories having amusing twist endings. Common themes are the reinvention of children’s songs, games, and nursery rhymes to something more macabre, and subverting all sorts of pop culture icons and cultural figures into topics of dark comedy. In one story, for instance, Lenore accidentally kills the Easter Bunny.

While Lenore’s actions often result in the death or injury to those around her, and in various forms of chaos, she is not a malicious character, and often thinks she is doing good...


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charlies -

Hola, encontre --->
Tiene muxos capitulos de lenore, calico, xombie, el mono mario, huevo cartoon, goomer, alejo, bob y hus y bastantes mas, visitala y aver que te parece ;-)

mariña -

Your English is PERFECT!
Thank you, Kaka!
I love his name too. Did you know Ragamuffin is an enchanted vampire? And Lenore... she is sooo cute (riquiña, riquiña).

kaka -

Mecachis, pois eu xa non sei a quen invitar... Trampa, ¡vina eu antes!

I like the name of Lenore's friend: ¡Ragamuffin!

PD: My english level is bad, but I hope that you can understand me with all my mistakes.

PD2: coido que escribin demasiado como para que este todo ben, e iso no blog dunha profesora é suicida, espero que non me mandes facer copias ;).

mariña -

Grazas pola invitación. :0)

María -

Meme a la vista, quedas nominada ;)
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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres